We let the music do the talking.

GBAR Music creates original scores and compositions for commercial and creative applications. Our music is at home accompanying films, videos, advertisements and anything else that needs a soundtrack. We like to think of each song as having a life of it’s own—a supporting castmember with no lines and no ego.

Our Story

Some time ago in rural Pennsylvania, the song-writing team of George Paterno and Bruce Siekmann pooled their collective experience, skill and love of music and began writing, arranging and producing songs that would entertain and move listeners.

To fully realize their creations, George and Bruce began amassing an all star roster of exceedingly talented and passionate musicians, spanning multiple genres and disciplines. The result is an ongoing body of work that can’t be easily categorized or labeled—with each arrangement completely tailored to perfectly support the mood of the song.

Every GBAR song tells a story: some are beautiful, some are humorous, some complex and others straightforward. Some will make you dance and some will make you cry. Yet, each one is a distinct testament of the professionalism, quality, and tireless dedication to GBAR’s one-of-a-kind collaborative spirit.

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